Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide for Him

1.  GoPro - $199  |  2.  J.Crew Boots - $515 |  3. RayBan Clubmasters - $245  |  4.  Hot Sauce of the Month Club - $57+   |  5.  Beer of the Month Club - $105+  |  6.  Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb - $145  |  7.  NFL RedZone  |  8.  Cashmere Sweater - $118  |  9.  Nintendo DS - $199  |  10. Coin - $55  |  11.  Apple TV - $99  |  12.  Whiskey Decantur - $40  |  13. Flannel PJ Pants - $19  |  14. UGG Slippers - $100  |  15.  Nixon Watch - $150

A very big thank you to J for helping me conceive this gift guide for all of you!  It's man-tested and approved so you know it's good.  We picked things that would work for most men in your life -- Dad, brother, boyfriend, and even Grandpa.

The hot sauce of the month and beer of the month clubs are both gifts I have given Jesse at one point in time.  I'm addicted to giving these "of the month" clubs as gifts.  I bought him the hot sauce one a year ago and he's still using some hot sauce from it - it's lasted so long.  The beers & hot sauces they use are craft made and brewed so you can't find it them just anywhere.

Apple TV was another great gift, especially if you have Netflix and HBO.  We settled for watching movies on our laptop numerous times before getting Apple TV.  Now we can play anything from our phones - you tube videos, Netflix, iTunes and more and it shows up on the main TV.

Have you guy started your holiday shopping yet?  I'm thinking of doing most of mine online this year - I get stressed out just thinking about going into the mall on Black Friday.  Nevertheless, stay tuned for some good online and in-store deals coming your way on this blog.

Happy almost Thanksgiving!


  1. The beer of the month club is a fantastic idea. My H is always looking to try out new beers :)

    Happy Turkey Day Eve!

  2. Great suggestions! I love my apple tv, I use it every day. I should look into Red Zone for John!

  3. My husband has those slippers and loves them! And yes to hot sauce always!

  4. Those slippers are a great idea, they look super comfy!

  5. i LOVE the beer of the month club idea!


  6. Good guide! I've been so stumped for ideas this year, so this is perfect for me.

    Hmm maybe...

  7. What brilliant are so difficult to buy for, but there are definitely a few inspiring ideas here!

    Katie x